Your Second Sight – Working With Intuition

Your Second Sight – Working With Intuition

You don’t have to know what’s waiting. You are guided by your highest right, and wherever it takes you is where you need to go … Richard Bach


Intuition works beyond the five senses. It manifests as a gut feeling, hunch or a sense of knowing without any logic to back it up. It often comes out of the blue and suddenly presents a whole picture or defines an action you need to take. It can show up as a thought of someone who then connects with you or it might be a sense of danger you feel when someone miles away is hurt. Intuition perceives things with certainty yet the process is not conscious.

It is often dismissed as ‘just imagination’ but if it is embraced, it can be a great ally. Its subtle energetic clues gathered from the environment and other people as well as its insights into future experiences can erase confusion, self-doubt and uncertainty in life. It can be key to providing accurate, intelligent guidance in the decision-making process.



Intuition opens access to all information if you are open to receive it. If you are highly attuned to the frequency it sends out, you can receive its signals clearly and easily.


 How to Develop and Use Your Intuition:
  • Become Aware 
  • Begin to become mindful of thoughts, physical sensations, emotions and subtle reactions to daily life experiences. Increase this awareness with breathing techniques and meditation.
  • Learn how you receive intuitive information. Are you clairaudient (hear messages), clairvoyant clairsentient (feeling, sensing)? Take the quiz .
  • Strengthen awareness through Play

Try these exercises:

  • Before entering a building, mentally scan your body and notice its state of being. After entering the building, notice any changes or shifting sensations (hot, cold, heavy, relaxed, tense?)
  • In making a decision or meeting a new person, ask for intuitive insight by affirming to yourself that you are open to the information you need to know.
  • Notice any body sensations when you are with others (in a checkout line, in a group). Do you feel physical messages of discomfort? Calm? or disconnection?
  • Ask a Question

Mentally ask what you need to know and be observant and curious about what you experience after asking:

  • Be aware of all information that flows to you and open up to any significant meanings for your question.
  • Release resistance
  • Believe in all the ways information comes to you ((a song you keep hearing, chance meetings, coincidences, dreams). Even no information or feeling blocked could be intuition showing you the answer or pointing to what you seek.
  • Suspend judgment – Don’t Edit
  • Be willing to let in information that you don’t agree with, that doesn’t make sense or that seems counterintuitive. Sometimes what seems wrong may actually be the perfect guidance.
  • Let your intuition speak – do not be distracted by the ego that is trying to override the information with control and logic.
  • Trust the process and hear the answer
  • Intuitive information flows out of your own heart-centered sense of right action. It is not necessarily rational or influenced by what others think. It flows in the quiet, present-moment spaces between actions – be patient, be present, listen and trust your heart.


Is Your intuition Accurate?

 You can know the intuitive insight is truly intuitive if it has a neutral or peaceful feel to it. If it is more emotional or based on issues from your past experiences, it is likely to be more of a mental projection than an intuitive piece of guidance.


The most difficult part of noticing intuitive messages is recognizing the need to release effort. Intuition is subtle and effortless. Trying too hard can miss the message and invite conscious thought that affects the accuracy of the information waiting to surface.

When you breathe in and allow it to support you, intuition can promote genuine inspiration in your actions. It feels distinctly intelligent and peace-filled!


Be guided by the intuitive whispers of your passion and heart. 

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