You Know It’s Time for Breathwork when…

You Know It’s Time for Breathwork when…


 In my stillness, I am the eternal possibility ~ Deepak Chopra


Give this a try ->

  • Take a deep breath and observe how much your chest rises on your inhale. Does your full breath come just from your upper chest? How much does it rise – a little or a lot?
  • As you go about your day, notice the quality of your breath at various times. How deeply and completely do you breathe? Is your breath shallow and only from your upper chest?


What Breathing with Awareness Can Do For You

Breath is life and becoming aware of the quality of your breath is directly related to your consciousness about the quality of your life.

  • Having awareness of your breath is a mirror of the relationship to yourself and a reflection of your level of well-being. Consciously using your breath as the precise healing instrument that it is can shift physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain or discomfort.
  • Your breath drives through your resistance and clears out the obstacles that stand in the way of you seeing and knowing who you truly are. It carries you through the distorted minefields of negative thinking and limiting beliefs about yourself and transports you into the sacred space of your divine nature.
  • With an inhale, it shows you the infinite wisdom, unvarnished love and blinding beauty of your true self. Here you learn to embrace a changed perspective of your life. You can re-purpose what you believe to be flaws within you and you can emerge with your exhale into healing and personal transformation.


You might benefit from Breathwork if:
  • you wake up feeling as if you haven’t slept at all;
  • the effort required just to get through each day feel more like a marathon than a natural walk;
  • your muscles often feel sore, achy or tight;
  • you have chronic pain problems in your body;
  • you notice that you can’t get a deep enough breath;
  • you go through your day in a mental fog and have trouble concentrating or staying focused;
  • you feel stressed, depressed or anxious on a regular or continuous basis.






As you breathe in cherish yourself

As you breathe out cherish all beings

~ Dalai Llama







How do you cope these days? Can Breathwork make a difference?


As anyone alive today knows, life and living it have become increasingly complex and difficult on every level:

Physically you deal with global conflicts and competition that deplete the quality of life and threaten the air you breathe and the food you eat. Constant vigilance is needed to stay healthy and vibrant.

Emotionally and mentally, continuous social media and news cycles of war, tragedies and human rights violations take a toll in increased anxiety, depression, exhaustion and suffering.

Spiritually, you can be left bankrupt as you struggle to stay aware of your connection to infinite love in the midst of the unconsciousness and chaos that is omnipresent.


These unavoidable realities affect mind, body, and spirit as suffering… as physical pain, mental health issues, emotional reactivity, and sadness. When you become aware of this pain, when you find yourself trying to deal with the day through a mental fog of overwhelm or when you just don’t have the energy to keep ahead of daily demands, your breath and especially Breathwork can be the intelligent instrument that can:

  • reconnect you with your own life force,
  • inspire change and cut through the mental, physical and emotional noise
  • lead you to find limitless love, inner peace, and flow…


Conscious breathing throughout your day as well as in a Breathwork session will always be there to move you through the blocks and pain toward love. The breath’s infinite wisdom and limitless presence will connect you to your divine oneness and the Worldwide Universe (WWU). Your breath is the treasure that helps you understand everything that your physical mind cannot fathom and through your connection with it, you learn how vast a benevolent force you truly are.


Perhaps the time for Breathwork is now?

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