What Are You Designing for 2021? Your Focus In Three Steps

What Are You Designing for 2021? Your Focus In Three Steps

2020 has been a banner year for challenges, facing fears and building personal resilience on a global scale. In acknowledging the year you have just successfully navigated, what can you do to hold an even more powerful intention for 2021?

Visioning and manifesting are empowering life skills that provide a map to your own deepest truth and essence. Developing them through setting a plan for the coming year can:

  • create improved focus,
  • ease the difficulty in choices you make
  • invite rapid transformation.

Try this ->  Exercise for Developing your Plan

In creating a workable plan for the coming year, begin by setting aside some time for quiet contemplation. Settle in comfortably and take a few minutes to breathe fully to connect inwardly.

Try following this  breathing exercise a few times:

1] Assess the Events of the Past Year – Take a moment to summarise what aspects of you grew as a result of your experiences – did you become more empowered? Compassionate? Connecting? Strong? Aware?

  • What experiences of the past year were the most important to you?
  • What areas of this past year were less than optimal?

2] Define new Goals – holding the feeling from this past year, begin to look at what you desire for the year ahead. Take a moment to breathe deeply and feel the limitlessness of possibility to be present:

  • Set three major goals for your life this coming year – it may be in the area of your career, health, relationships, personal growth, community service or making a difference
  • How will you become involved in navigating your life in the areas of these goals
  • How will your present situation need to change to accommodate the completion of these goals?
  • How will you reward and celebrate your successes?

3] Summarise Your Coming Year – Write a short paragraph on the general focus of the coming year and indicate how you intend to complete your stated objectives.

  • What will you need to call upon within yourself, from others to accomplish your goals?
  • How do you see yourself looking back at the end of the coming year on all you plan to do?

Staying the Course – Tips for Success

Know Your Self Worth –trust your value and accept you are worthy of receiving

Open to Abundance – there is more than enough of everything on this planet and you can tap into its flow. Release limiting beliefs

Stay Grateful for Good Fortune – journal to uncover gratitude for all that you already have. “What are you grateful for in your life?”

Surrender and Trust –


Be bold and joyous in your intentions

for this new year. Then, surrender

them to the Master Mind with nonattachment

and EXPECT to see doors

open for you to joyously walk

through. And remember, LOTS CAN


-Jacob Glass

From my heart to yours – the most loving wishes for the coming year filled with health and wellbeing,


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