Upcoming Sessions

Upcoming Sessions

Sometimes life gets in the way of plans you have made. We understand that you may have to cancel your registration for one of our events.
If you do, we completely understand AND would ask that you follow our detailed instructions for cancelling.
Please know that we are happy to provide your refund but in order to do so, you MUST abide by the specific instructions
This is vitally important because we make plans that include your participation and when you cancel, we need time to reorganise around your absence.
As well, there are others we have had to turn away because the event is full. When you cancel at the last minute, someone else in need of Breathwork
may miss out. So, when you cancel early, it is a double win – you get your money refunded AND someone else in need can take your place!!

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding AND for cancelling as early as possible if you cannot attend. We hope to see you at future events!

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