Tips for Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety

Tips for Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety

It seems that over the past two years, the global effects of the pandemic have imposed a global awareness that humanity is currently moving through major and life-significant change. The possibility of never returning to normal has been stirred into a world-wide realization that we are all being asked to live in a post-pandemic environment that is not ‘normal’ but is instead a ‘new normal.’

When anxiety takes over, the ability to function effectively and to put one foot in front of the other despite our fear becomes a challenging and sometimes terrifying adventure. It is vital that we have tools to help us cope so that we can embrace the journey upon which we have collectively and individually embarked.

The article below offers some truly practical and effective tips to deal with that drowning sense of helplessness and fear that can overtake us as we journey from the ‘normal’ to the ‘new normal’ that we are shaping as we go.

Enjoy the read, practice the breathing exercises and know that the wisdom and capacity to move elegantly through change exists in your breath. It is your ally and a loyal travel companion.

Breathe fully and well,


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