The Wisdom In Your Breath

The Wisdom In Your Breath

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One of the oldest and most generous tricks that the Universe plays on human beings is to bury strange jewels within us all, and then stand back to see if we can ever find them ~ Elizabeth Gilbert



Do you know your breath is a teacher as well as a wise guide? Nowhere does this become clearer than in the healing environment of a Breathwork session. When you choose to work with your breath as a healer, you are choosing to powerfully uncover the potential of your deepest truth–

  • that you are love,
  • that limitless possibilities exist for you to experience and
  • that unbounded joy and freedom in your life are available when you break through the blocks that prevent you from complete self-acceptance and regard.


“Breathe In and find yourself”

Each time you work with your breath, you are creating change and making room for more energy more vitality and greater choice in your life. The magic of the process lies in its ability to transport you from the physical awareness through emotional blocks and sensations, into your mental body where your entrenched beliefs and thoughts reside and finally into the vast expanse of your heart – a place of pure love where you discover such peace and infinite awareness that deep healing and permanent change can happen.


How does just Breathing support healing? How does it work?

We all are aware that without the breath, there is no life. Breathwork is a breathing technique that employs a particular pattern of breath designed to transport you through memories, emotions and physical tensions that block your ability to know deep joy and happiness in life.

Letting go into the sensations and explorations of Breathwork can lead to conscious realisations about life patterns and conditioned beliefs that are not working and that need to change. The awareness of these blocks and their release through the breath can provide healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The ultimate and profound outcome of a session is its access to a deep sense of relaxation that can be be reached, and that brings with it a lasting sense of wellbeing.


Here is an analogy to better represent how just breathing can heal:

Imagine the breath as crystal clear water being poured into a glass that has settled sediment and mud in the bottom. As the crystal clear water is continually poured into the glass, the sediment is disturbed and the water becomes murky. Continuing to pour the crystal clear water into the glass eventually displaces the sediment and the water in the glass becomes clear.

Similarly, Breathwork pours life-force energy into us and disturbs the settled and entrenched issues we carry in our life – it accesses and gradually releases those hidden beliefs, thoughts and patterns that have kept us stuck, unhappy, fearful or feeling unworthy.


With continued conscious awareness of the breath and trust in the process of Breathwork, and in life itself, our breath can create a crystal clear environment within us that is cleansed of anxiety, stress, anger, worry, and self-abuse. With intention and awareness, it is then possible to invite a more conscious, present perspective – that can promote lasting and radical transformation.


“Remember to Breathe”

As obvious as this sounds, making sure you become aware of your breath is the first step you can take toward creating lasting change in the way you interact with the experiences of your life.


Breathwork is a mostly non-verbal and safe process that allows you to go within, and establish the most intimate connection with your self. When supported by a skilled facilitator to assist and encourage you, it is a method for opening up to all the suppressed potential that exists within you.


When you choose to surrender and trust the Breathwork process, your breath is a wise and intelligent healer. There is a treasure trove of possibility within you…let Breathwork be your tool of discovery!







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