The Subtle Side of Stress Responses

The Subtle Side of Stress Responses

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it ~ Lou Holtz


In the relentless demands of life these days, stress has become a worldwide epidemic and the current Covid-19 pandemic has put these rates off-the-charts.


How do you respond to this epic age of stress in which we all live?


There are some surprisingly subtle ways that stress manifests, besides the typical expressions of anger that comes to mind.  It might prove helpful to consider the more quiet yet equally as damaging ways stress might be lurking about in your life. In the linked article below, see if you can identify any of your hidden stress behaviors.  As interesting as this read is, it also provides healthy alternatives that support a more conscious way to deal with life in the pressure cooker. It might prove helpful in preventing irreparable damage to your relationships with others and to your inner peace.




Enjoy the read…Be well…Breathe out your stress,




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