The Healing Power of Drumming

The Healing Power of Drumming


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Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances ~ Maya Angelou


In every aspect of our lives, we are attuned to rhythm – in utero we are soothed by our mother’s heartbeat and resonate with the flow and regularity of her breath. When we are born, we flow with the beat of our own bodies, hearts and breath. In our world, we observe the ebb and flow of ocean waves; experience a predictable change of seasons; see night turn into day as our earth orbits the sun.

The earth itself has a heartbeat (a base frequency of 180 cycles per second) to which we are connected and that rhythm has scientifically been recognized as intimately linked to our health and well-being.


The Rhythm of Drumming

Drumming is a universal, ancient technology that connects us to those life rhythms. In ancient tribal cultures across the globe, drumming has been an integral part of celebrations that took place at harvests, marriages, and coming of age rites. Drums played a pivotal role in communication, in spiritual shamanic journeying and ritual healing. The oldest documented use of drumming dates back over 6000 years in what we now know as the Middle East. Today, we are re-discovering the power and value of this ancestral wisdom to create profound experiences of healing and to support connection both in singular therapeutic drumming settings and group activities.

The repetitive sound of a drum listened to over a period of time, moves us into an altered state of consciousness where we can journey inward and touch the Universal source of our truth and experience our innermost thoughts, feelings and vibrations. The pace and intensity of a drumbeat can bring about different responses in the individual or group. For instance, a low, steady beat can create calmness and release tension whereas a louder, quicker beat can energise and move us to action or release emotions and pent up frenzy.

There is something innately communicative and connecting when we drum – if we are in a group, there is a wordless conversation that can develop.

When we drum, we tap into the essential rhythms that are part of our make-up and we can use that resonance to ultimately enhance and create a profound sense of peace and relaxation in our lives.


Effects of Drumming

In combination with Breathwork, drumming can promote greater health and well-being that moves blocks and generates a new view of communication with the self and with others. Drumming, especially when used with a focused awareness of the breath can support profound meditative states that can:

  • Reduce stress anxiety and tension
  • Control chronic pain
  • Boost the immune system
  • Develop focus and present moment awareness by synchronizing the left (logical) and right (creative) hemispheres of the brain
  • Release negative feelings, blocks and emotional trauma and shift them into more positive perspectives
  • Deliver insightful self-awareness and increased self-esteem
  • Improve listening skills and encourage self-expression
  • Promote greater harmony through the body-mind connection. When we keep rhythm, we are intensely focused inward and are also required to maintain an external synchronicity with the group


Drumming Circles for Physical Health and Positive Perspective

Studies have shown that T-Cells, which are responsible for the optimum functioning of the immune system, increase after just one drumming session. Many physical as well as psychological infirmities are improved by drumming. And anyone who has ever drummed in a group will often testify to the expansiveness, exhilaration, and feeling of connection that is instantly created in such a circle.


Shamanic or Native Drumming as Visualised Prayer

Using the drum in a shamanic journey is often described as “visualized prayer”. It helps us gain access to the Universal presence of God or our higher power (however we see it). In that experience of unity with our Source, we are able to know the truly sacred nature of our authentic selves. Drumming shifts us out of the ordinary noise of our lives and transports us to a place of stillness where we have a golden opportunity to re-align, unify and harmonize with ourselves, with others and with the earth that supports all life.


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