The Gift of Abundance

The Gift of Abundance

Unlimited abundance and endless possibilities are inevitable when you align with your authentic desires and build a structure within which they can be nurtured and thrive. ~’ John Stamoulos


Open to Abundance

 There is more to abundance than just monetary wealth and possessions.  True abundance is a state of mind that acknowledges there is more than enough of everything on this planet.  Out of that realisation emerges an openness to discover how to tap into the flow of all that wealth.

The abundance mindset can learn how to manifest, create, synchronise with and enjoy the limitless offerings for prosperity in life.  In order for this to happen, it is necessary to clear any negative immaturity around the concept of wealth and what it means.  It requires working through the imprinted beliefs about affluence and looking at the ways those beliefs cause guilt and sabotage in the pursuit of abundance in life.


The more connection you have with God, which is the God within you, the more you give yourself permission to have what you want and the more you give yourself permission to learn and grow.  You then can become the creator of your wealth, as long as you abide by the laws of ethical behaviour and integrity in attracting abundance to you.

It is really important because when you have money you can make better choices around your health.  There is no limit to money or resources of any kind in the Universe. There is no limit at all.



Gratitude Builds the Energy of Abundance

Gratitude is important in order to open the channels to receive abundance.  Barbara Wilson, a metaphysician, a friend and one of my teachers who has been a guide for many years, would have me write out all the specific things I am grateful for each night.  The exercise is a powerful one as you begin to recognise all the insignificant details of your life that support you.


Generate your sense of wellbeing with this little exercise:

What are you grateful for in life? Make it a nightly ritual to uncover all that you are grateful for – your breath, life, family, community, home, amenities, work?


Abundance is something that people need to master in order to define goals and manifest their desires.  Money as a prime representative of abundance is also a creative process that offers each individual an opportunity to create it, through focused action and inner connection to love and inspiration.

When you operate in your life from the knowledge of your worthiness to receive abundance in all aspects, you are inspired and liberated to create the life that you want whatever that looks like to you.


Breathe in the reality of complete abundance that exists in your life.

It is always always flowing to you – if you choose to see it



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