Taking Back Your Hijacked Energy

Taking Back Your Hijacked Energy

Inner Peace begins when you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions  ~ Spiritual Bliss


Have you ever felt completely exhausted after spending time with someone?  Such an experience often has a lot to do with the exchange of energy between two individuals.

When you are in relationship with someone, you develop cords of energetic connection between you that are a subtle means of communication. Evidence of such invisible conversation occurs, for example, when you think of someone, and they call you.

Sometimes, however, that flow of energy can cause unhealthy side effects if the person is draining your vitality. If you engage for too long, it can take a toll on your physical and mental health.


What You Can Do About It … Three Easy Steps


1]  Identify the Typical Energy Drainer – Do you know someone who:

  • takes no accountability and is always blaming others
  • is a drama queen
  • always turns the conversation to them and ‘one-ups’ you
  • acts like a martyr and is eternally persecuted
  • monopolizes your time
  • lays on the guilt trips or uses ultimatums to get your undivided attention


2] Notice – How are you feeling? Pay attention to your emotions after a conversation with someone. Has your mood soured from feeling at peace to being upset, angry, or feeling stressed?


3] Energetically Disconnect – make the conscious choice to close/disconnect the subtle energy cord between you and the person.  Do it in a spirit of nurturing with a view to positive incomes for everyone involved:

  • Disconnect – visualise the current connection between you then imagine simply unplugging/closing down/cutting that cord from the other person.
  • Breathe yourself free – use your breath to release any residual emotional negativity that is not yours
  • Set boundaries – limit your time and exposure to the person in the future
  • Be Conscious – When you are around them, keep your emotional shield up and stay neutral in their presence


Consider that freeing yourself from draining people also frees them and gives them an opportunity to heal.  Letting go of attachments that no longer serve you is one of the most loving acts you can do. Let go of the baggage and lighten your load. Your inner peace will thank you!


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