Shifting Into A New Decade

Shifting Into A New Decade

2020 is a big year of shifts, but these shifts carry the potential for us to aim higher, dream bigger, and shift the direction of the world on a new level. We are really being guided to shift to a higher consciousness and to find a new definition of what success and happiness really means, not just on an individual level, but on a global level too. ~ https://foreverconscious.com/


Perhaps you have noticed it? …that subtle wobble in your previously comfortable reality? …that change in perspective about what is important in your life? Does it seem that the quiet voices and deeper desires that you have not honoured in your life are now starting to move to the forefront of your awareness? How has it felt for you? Does it seem like you are becoming clearer about where you want to focus your efforts?

How have things been changing in your life?

Take a moment to reflect on what has been going on in your life and the significance of the experiences: Are you finding things that once mattered and felt vital to you now have little significance?…that different experiences have taken on primary importance? … that people have left your life and new people have shown up? …that you have stopped some activities or started new ones? or that opportunities have shown up at just the right time?

You might be experiencing a vibrational shift:

Here is a list of examples that might be ushering in the new and fresh energy of change in your life. You might notice:

  • A sense of inner restlessness that feels like your body is revving up
  • Entertaining that your dreams really could become reality
  • Increased enthusiasm and intuitive hits about what is the right action to take and the unmistakable urge to actually take steps to follow your inner guidance
  • A change in your connection with people, places or events that used to be meaningful but no longer feel important
  • Embracing new experiences that have caught your attention or that have been on the back burner but now feel relevant and current
  • A strong compelling need to spend time in quiet and solitude in nature or in your home but by yourself
  • An increased sensitivity that attunes you more intimately to your environment and what is happening to those close to you as well as to global events.
  • Greater curiosity and increased need to have in-depth connections with others and less ability to tolerate mundane conversations
 Signs that you are being influenced by the changes in universal energy that is transforming:

We are intimately connected to the universe. We are made of the same stuff so it is reasonable to expect we will be affected by the shifts that are happening around us. Here are some additional signs that the changes in the external world are affecting our inner world as well:

·      Mood swings including less tolerance and greater irritation

·      Hypersensitivity to loud noises, light levels, smells and annoyance when in chaotic environments

·      Physical illnesses such as headaches, low-grade illnesses, changes in eating habits, body aches and pains, sleep disruptions that leave you feeling sleep-deprived

·      Time seems to speed up or slow down creating a change in relationship to the passage of time

·      Feeling exhausted or highly energized as energy levels fluctuate

·      Experiencing visual images that are not real, and having vivid dreams


We are on the cusp of personal and universal revolutionary transformation. It is important to be able to recognise how we are affected by the changes at every level of our being. It is equally vital that we ultimately learn to open to the flow of this change that will lead to a higher vibrational existence for all. It is a powerful time and a time to be aware and allow what is moving us into higher versions of ourselves.



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