Remembering … At Your Core, You Are Love !

Remembering … At Your Core, You Are Love !

 Every heart has a window. You can look from your own heart into another.~ Rumi


Love is your initial state of being and is one of the most diverse, complex and essential emotions in the spectrum of human experience. It is the essence of being that defines who you are at your most perfect, truthful and authentic. Beyond the concept of romantic love, this broader expression of love is a harmonious state of resonance with your own mind, with the people around you, and within nature that expresses itself through self-love, compassion, empathy and service to others.


Funding Your Self-Love

In life, you have been taught to hide your infinite capacity for love under negative thinking, self-criticism, self-deprecation and entrenched false beliefs that you are incomplete or flawed. The key to tuning in to the original frequency of love within you is to listen to the leadership and wisdom of your heart instead of the noise of your mind.


How to stay aligned with that core love:

  • Heal the wounded child within by taking care of yourself as you would take care of a child
    • nutrition, rest, exercise
    • creating a safe and clean environment
    • enjoy learning and play
    • quality time to listen and connect
  • Entertain beautiful thoughts,
  • Be kind to yourself in word and deed – release the temptation for self-deprecation
  • Find and spend time with what inspires your sense of awe – sacred places, temples, the beach, mountains, art, time in nature
  • Cultivate relationships with people who feed your heart and soul
  • Journal answers to these questions:
  • What does ‘I am lovable’ mean for you?
  • What does ‘loving yourself unconditionally’ look like in physical reality?
  • How can you be a force for love in the world?
  • Let go of the need for competition look through the lens of collaboration and cooperation
  • Engage in Breathwork – your life experiences (people, places, things) have presented encounters with emotions other than love. Jealousy, grief, fear, anxiety, anger and shame can impede the flow of love in life. Breathwork is a profound way to remove the blocks and return you to the essence of pure, unobstructed love.


The Essence of Love in the Other and in Life:

abstract kiss

“Love can attain what the intellect cannot fathom” (Baba, 2010)


 Love thrives when it comes from the wellspring of your own heart and flows out to those with whom you connect. In order to learn how to love:

  • Be vulnerablebe open and express your emotions
  • Be honestwith your own limitations, how you can improve and gently touch what hurts within you as a way to develop compassion for others
  • Be healthyso you can be more capable of helping others
  • Be purposeful – let your love seek out where and how you can be generous and thoughtful.


Effects of Love

Better health – the researchers at the HeartMath Institute have discovered that the impact of love is real and biochemically measurable. It shifts heart rhythms and activates a full-body coherence.

Less stress -love calms the fight or flight mechanisms of the sympathetic nervous system while also promoting greater activity in the calming capability of the parasympathetic nervous system

Increased optimism and confidence – love’s presence generates more positive emotions and greater ability to be in the moment. It provides a clear compass that stops self-defeating behaviour.

Improved relationships love encourages greater ability to flow and be coherent in all relationships whether they are intimate, friendships or professional.



Emerging Compassion through Service


When you connect with others through their struggles, you feel their feelings. Their suffering helps you awaken your ability to care and love from a spiritually truthful authenticity.

Love impacts all aspects of life. It connects us with others, it fuels purpose and focus, and it gives us pause to consider what matters. It activates us, gives us peace and is the vital link to compassion. When it is a selfless service we direct toward others, it becomes a benevolent force for good in the world. There is no more imperative time to emerge this infinite, unconditional quality of love than now.


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