It Is Okay To Not Know

It Is Okay To Not Know

When you live in complete acceptance of what is, that is the end of all the drama in your life ~ Eckhart Tolle


As humans we tend to live our physical existence expending some form of effort. We want to learn, understand, gather knowledge and follow a career path. Many of us seek enlightenment and believe that we must search to find the answers to Who We Are and Why We Are Here. In this finite world, we believe we must know, define and explain our path and our existence because doing so gives us direction, solid ground upon which to place our feet and a feeling of safety and security.  Often the source of our stress, frustration, disappointment and feeling of overwhelm comes from that very pursuit that at times can feel impossible and endlessly elusive.


During a Breathwork session, there is a point where it becomes crystal clear that the place of enlightenment that we have often been expending so much effort to ‘get to’ is already a part of us and we are not separate from it.


Our own sacred breath shows us all that we are and we are freed from all the effort to “get there” because we already are immersed in “there.”  A great inner peace settles in with that awareness and life changes.


  • We can release the need to know and can still feel safe
  • We can let go of ‘efforting’ and still live a fulfilled life
  • We can embrace our place in a vast landscape and be free



Breathe and be your infinite self,








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