How to Make Friends with Your Emotions Instead of Suppressing Them

How to Make Friends with Your Emotions Instead of Suppressing Them

Your anger? It’s telling you where you feel powerless.

Your anxiety? It’s telling you that something in your life is off balance.

Your fear? It’s telling you what you care about.

Your apathy? It’s telling you where you’re overextended and burnt out.

Your feelings aren’t random, they are messengers.

And if you want to get anywhere, you need to be able to let them speak to you and tell you what you really need ~ Brianna Wiest


Have you ever had a moment when you are in conversation with someone and you suddenly feel sadness or anger welling up from inside you. As innocent as the conversation might be, your suppressed emotions will always seek a pathway of communication with you whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.


This quote speaks to the value of looking at your emotions against the backdrop of what is going on in your life rather than dismissing your feelings and reactions as unappealing intruders who need to be shut out or killed.


In this supportive and thoughtful article, the invitation to look at emotions as wise guides in your life suggests that every feeling we experience sources from some inner and innate urge to heal, connect or grow our awareness.  Enjoy the read and consider how your responses or reactions to your own emotions might be reframed and shaped into a step into your growth and self-acceptance:




Honour your emotions, they are soul-level growth opportunities


Be well,



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