How did this work get popularised?

How did this work get popularised?

Rebirthing began in the early 70’s with Leonard Orr and a small group of friends. This group discovered the immense impact that their birth had on their everyday experiences. Because of this, the process became known as Rebirthing. Rebirthing has since undergone many changes and it is now known as ‘Breathwork’ because the focus is on the breath.
There were also other Breathwork pioneers such as Dr StanislavGrof- who developed another form of Breathwork called Holotropic breathing which is a much faster connected breathing pattern. All these techniques are similar in that they allow one to go deep into releasing any suppressed memories and traumas in the body.

Today there is an International Breathwork Foundation where Breathworkers meet yearly to share, and learn. Breathwork is taughtworldwide including Australia, UK and USA where there are recognised schools in Breathwork. In some countries, there are government-assisted programs that supporteducation in this amazing Breathing technique.

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