Harness the Power of Your Anger – It Is Grade A Rocket Fuel

Harness the Power of Your Anger – It Is Grade A Rocket Fuel



In most cultures around the globe, you are by and large encouraged to be peaceful, calm and loving in your daily life. You are taught that these virtues must become the first line of defense against the struggles and challenges that you bump up against on a daily basis.

  • Get cut off by an erratic driver in traffic? Bless him and wish him well.
  • Irritated by someone who blocks your way in the street? Express gratitude that you have the ability to walk around them.
  • Struggling with the moody adolescent in your family? Be appreciative you have a family.

In all cases, there is an alternative response to the above scenarios and that is to angrily react to the driver who cuts you off and wish him a swift journey to the gates of hell. To the person in your way as you walk in the street, you might walk swiftly past them with inner thoughts that sharply judge their unconscious actions and lack of awareness of others with a number of colourful adjectives that more readily describe your fury. And that adolescent sibling or child? … we have all been there and often, there is no holding back the tirade of negativity you can muster to flow their way!


So it seems, anger is your more instinctual and often less controlled reaction to circumstances that ‘get under your skin’. As a result, you spend most of your life trying to put the plug in your anger as you try desperately to control its destructive eruptions.

However… anger is not to be ignored, put away or judged. It can become your rocket fuel to empowerment and forward movement in your life.


Take a read of the short note from author, speaker and teacher, David Bedrick and consider where you might reframe your use of anger in your life and use it to your advantage:


Some people have a hard time setting boundaries or saying “No”. The force within anger can help them do that

Some folks can’t walk away from relationships or stand up for themselves. The power within anger can help them do that

Some folks have a hard time following a path that is unpopular. The fierceness within anger can help them do that

Some folks have nasty inner critics, the absoluteness within anger can help them resist those voices

Friends, please don’t throw away, pathologise or dismiss your anger too quickly. Find the power, ferocity, resolve and energy in its core. Dance with it; use it; make it your ally.  


I would suggest making a copy of this and putting it where you can see it every day. It is a step toward honouring every aspect of who you are and especially discovering powerful tools to strengthen and grow your resilience.

Be Well,


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