Happiness & How to Find It – Hint: It’s The Small Moments That Matter

Happiness & How to Find It – Hint: It’s The Small Moments That Matter

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way. ~ Wayne Dyer


What makes you smile?  A hug, climbing into bed with clean sheets, savouring a favourite meal, a moment to inhale your favourite scent, lifting your face to the warming sun, time you get to spend outside in nature, that first sip of coffee in the morning, how your body feels after a workout, listening to one of the best pieces of music ever, being kind …

(feel free to add to the list and share !)


Whatever moments trigger your happiness, it takes awareness and practice to make them a part of your everyday waking consciousness. It also requires that you boost your capacity to recognise the little nanoseconds of feeling blessed, you can change your whole life experience. Why? Because all thought builds on itself!  If you grumble and gripe about your life situation and are always thinking about ‘someday’ in the future when things will be different then you miss all the ways in which your life is showing you that ‘the future wants are right here, right now!”


Consider these five ways you can begin to appreciate that it is within your power to embrace happiness now, without waiting for some future event before you give yourself permission to smile as many times in a day as you possibly can:

  • Take action in support of your happiness by reminding yourself to be curious and optimistic rather than fearful about the future. Trust in the invisible forces in the Universe being there to support your highest good.
  • Embrace the small seemingly meaningless tasks with renewed perspective. Find a reason for gratitude in cooking, paying bills, washing the floor, doing laundry or making the bed each day.
  • Make each a birthday-feel day – celebrate you, your surroundings, the people and animals in your life as if you were celebrating your birthday or holiday.
  • While you reach toward goals and dreams, let go of the mistakes and regrets in the path behind you. Consider that what did not work out for you was a way to show you how to be grateful for the miracle of the life that has unfolded instead.
  • Be present in your life, not in the lives of others who may seem way more perfect than yours. Cultivate the realisation that perfection will lead to a stress-inducing sense of defeat but pursuing what is excellent for your life is all you need do.


Life loves me. All is well in my world, and I am safe. ~ Louise Hay


To your happiness,

Be Well,

















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