Grief and Loss in the Time of COVID-19

Grief and Loss in the Time of COVID-19




In this time of COVID-19 everyone is scrambling to adapt. In survival mode we can be fueling our fears and ignoring our emotions. Additionally, we are often trying to put the bravest face on a bad situation by covering over our grief and worries with positive attitudes. While being positive is helpful in some instances, in this case, it is like applying pink paint over a cracked wall!

In the global pandemic we face, mental health is so important right now. With the sudden and complete loss of our ways of life, there is inherent grief. The abundant and tragic absences in our lives affects us all. :


Please take a moment to read the following article to help give you a new view of what might be singularly important to focus on right now.


As the article suggests, you cannot outrun your grief or ignore your losses. The energy of holding back our emotions is crippling and exhausting. Perhaps it is time to set our emotions free so we can live more fully and consciously?


Online Breathwork sessions offer a profound path to heal.  Contact me to discuss a remote session from the comfort of your home.

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