Treya Derrington

I’ve been a general psychologist for about 30 years, and in three states. Even before all this, before I ever worked in a specific psychology position, I completed my Breathwork training with Nemi Nath, in Lismore NSW. That was in the late 80’s. It was called Rebirthing then.
So for years, perhaps still, my journey is one of integrating the deep understanding of the energetic nature of human mind-body consciousness, with general psychology which is of course taking so much longer to reach such understandings.

I also became a Family Law professional, a forensic role where as a “Family Consultant” I have been required to assist the family courts to resolve matters where children’s arrangements are in dispute. This is often dour work, dealing with broken families and requiring specialist knowledge in the effects of family violence of all kinds, drug-affected behaviour and abuse, and mental health concerns on children.

These days I’m still doing Family Law work, and I also have a private practice in general psychology. I embody the profound psychotherapeutic understandings I gained through Nemi Nath’s Rebirthing training, always. Whether I’m working with anxiety, depression, couple problems and dysfunctional dynamics, or whether I’m doing family therapy work, I am always seeking my empathic counter-transference, and staying as clear as I can so that the intuitive understandings can arise in me. I’ve always seen myself as a channel, really.

For many years I’ve kept an involvement with the Australian Breathwork Association, attending the conferences and participating whole-heartedly when I’m there. And one of the restorative influences in my life for the last while comes from participating, and sometimes helping, with John Stamoulos’ Breathing circles and I am grateful for this.

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Treya Derrington