Karen Scott

Karen has been involved in Breathwork for 6 years following her completion of the LEI Rebirther training facilitated by John Stamolous in Langkawi South East Asia in 2008.

The training has assisted Karen in developing her own skills as a Breathworker enabling her to provide a safe nurturing environment for clients to release negative emotions and past traumatic experiences which in turn can hold an individual back from living a happy peaceful life.

She has been facilitating at BOFA ever since and would like to continue developing her skills as a Breathworker.Karen has also attended Sondra Rays Loving Relationship training workshop aswell as assisted and attended John’s personal development workshops both nationally and internationally.

Karen is also a professional Remedial Massage Therapist and has been in private practice since 1994. She is very caring and loves working with individuals from all walks of life. Karen has a calling for helping people and assisting them with their own healing process.


Karen lives in Adelaide, Australia and can be contacted on info@remedialmassageservices.com.au

Karen Scott