John Stamoulos

John is an Adelaide based, world travelled master Breathworker trainer and facilitator who has been traveling internationally for many years now, exploring, researching and sharing the many techniques for healing that he now practices. He is devoted to continuing his education in healing and travels regularly on an international basis. A parent, whose long and extensive knowledge and skills in Bodywork and Breathwork have deemed him as one of Australia’s leading practitioners in both these areas, with credentials to prove it. John spends 5 months of the year travelling and working throughout the world.

John is a patient, loving, supportive gentleman who distinguishes himself by his strong sense of worth and keen ability to lead people to a life of responsibility and trust. With the motto he lives by ‘For things to change first I must change’, John assists many in their search for change. Since early childhood John has been intrigued with religion, philosophy and has subsequently studied and explored many, taking him to the far reaches of the globe. In the early 1980s came a life changing experience that he decided once and for all, ‘If I get serious about my life, then life will get serious with me’. That is just what happened! John dove into metaphysics in America and upon arrival in Australia, experienced his first Breathwork/Rebirth and has been training ever since.

His training has led him to work with many of the pioneers of Rebirthing and related work. His training continues. He has worked in UK, Europe, Middle East (with the first Breathworkers to introduce Breathwork in Iran), South America, North Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, India, and Asia. As the facilitator of many seminars and workshops for people from all walks of life, John is also a mentor and coach, making him the perfect trainer. Spending time with John is a journey in itself. Life is a palette of colours from which to choose. John’s question to you is, ‘Which colour will you choose?’

John lives in Adelaide, Australia and can be contacted on john@johnstamoulos.com or +61 412 168 411

John Stamoulos