Gianfranco Ingegneri

Gianfranco  Ingegneri  is a gentle, supportive, loving person whose passion is assisting people to travel their unique life path with vitality and he does so with the greatest of integrity. He initially began his journey in the health and well-being industry as a Personal Fitness Trainer and then expanded his expertise as he studied Remedial Massage Therapy. Today, he enjoys a successful practice that supports many people in their efforts to live their healthiest lives.

When Gianfranco was seeking alternative therapies to help resolve personal situations in his own life, he met John Stamoulos. It was perfect universal timingas John gave Gianfranco his first Breathwork session. Since that life changing moment Gianfranco has continued his own pursuitswith Breathwork and in 2008, he studied under John completing the “Life Enhancement Intensive “, Breathworker training in Langkawi, Malaysia. He continues to be mentored by John to this day. Gianfranco now assists most months at BOFA and recently attended his first International Breathwork conference in Ireland, which was an incredible learning opportunity in itself.

In his own experiences and in supporting others, Gianfranco loves that Breathwork is safe, gentle yet so powerful. He has discovered it to be one of the quickest ways to unblock the subconscious patterns that keep us stuck and hold us back from experiencing life fully. So his question to you is, “When do you want to start enjoying life to it’s fullest?”

Gianfranco Ingegneri