Andrew Lainas

My curiosity about Rebirthing/Breathwork was piqued when I first read about the process in ‘InnerHealth’ magazine. Shortly after, I had a conversation with John Stamoulos about the technique and decided to book a Breath session with him even though I felt some resistance to it. The experience of my first session was not enjoyable but still, I felt compelled to continue to explore and learn more about Breathwork from John. I participated in his 4-day retreat at Troubridge Island, which taught me more about Breathwork and gave me powerful life-changing tools that supported new directions for me.

In 2006, at John’s suggestion, I travelled to Malaysia to take part in a business training program called Money&You :copyright:. This event provided me with significant guidance for taking action in my life. I continued to explore Breathwork and eventually began assisting John and other Breathworkers at the monthly Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) group breath sessions, a community service that John initiated in Adelaide, SA. In 2008 after helping out at BOFA, I signed up for John’s Breathwork training, Life Enhancement Intensive, which he conducted in Malaysia. For me, this unforgettable instruction was an awakening to awareness that I carry with me to this day.

Breathwork helped me recognise and accept that I am a sensitive, happy, loving, enthusiastic and caring individual. It has given one truly effective way to help reduce my stress levels, increase my relaxation and also deliver the clarity and energy to pursue anything I choose to do in my life.
Thank you, John and thank you, Breathwork ~ Andrew Lainas

Andrew Lainas