Detach and Breathe Freely

Detach and Breathe Freely


The Laws of Detachment

Allow others to be who they are

Allow yourself to be who you are

Don’t force situations

Let solutions emerge

Uncertainty is reality

Embrace it  

(Deepak Chopra – The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success )


When you become so focused on other people’s needs, pain and problems, it can negatively impact your physical and emotional health. Taking a step back from situations and other people’s pain and problems is a powerful way to establishing healthy boundaries and preserve your own mental health and wellbeing.


Can you identify situations in your life where you are enmeshed with another person? Are you experiencing sleep disturbances or eating abnormalities? Do you suffer from headaches, stomachaches or perhaps feel tense, distracted or irritable? You might even find yourself feeling depressed, preoccupied, worried or restless.  Any one of these symptoms might be pointing to a situation where detachment might be the best medicine.


Being able to detach in a loving manner that is good for you and helps the other person’s growth as well is a win-win situation. Taking such actions means “staying in your own lane and staying focused on what you can control and letting go of what is not your responsibility.”


Tips to help you to detach:

  • Not giving unsolicited advice
  • Setting boundaries
  • Allowing others to experience the natural consequences of their actions
  • Recognizing that your feelings and needs are valid
  • Expressing your own opinions and feelings
  • Taking a time-out from an unproductive or hurtful argument
  • Not accepting responsibility for fixing or solving other peoples problems
  • Not making excuses for someone else’s behavior
  • Staying focused on what you can control rather than worrying/thinking about what others are doing
  • Not catastrophizing or anticipating the worst possible outcome
  • Not enabling or doing things others can reasonably do for themselves

Detaching from a circumstance that keeps you bound to another is not a selfish act. Instead, being your freest, healthiest and happiest self is of benefit to yourself AND to others!


The above is a short excerpt from a longer more complete article on Detachment – you can read it here:



Life is a balance of holding on and letting go ~ Rumi

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