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No, whilst Breathwork may have elements of Birth memory/traumas coming to surface to be released, it is also a simple tool that can supportthe release of stress from the body and mind. It produces a greater sense of connection to life and usually results in experiences of state of peace and bliss.

It may take a few sessions to reach a point where one feels connected to their breath and realises how the breath has the potential to explore a wide spectrum of experiences that reveal its profound power to help bring about full healing.

The highest form of Breathwork is a private 1-1 session where the client has a very extensive interview with the Breathwork practitioner. This is usually a lengthy private and confidential interview where the client is asked personal questions about their actual birth, childhood, teenage years and present circumstances. There is also inquiry about their self-esteem, what they believe, their relationships, etc. This is also an opportunity for the client to discuss anything that is troubling them or to explore greater self-understanding including any fears, phobias, issues etc.

There are also group breathwork sessions which are less personal but very powerful as sharing in group sessions enables people to connect more or even have realisations from others who may have similar issues etc.

Breathwork began as a technique called Rebirthing as the process itself was facilitated in a Jacuzzi/ hot tub in order for the client to be able to connect to deep primal thoughts of being in the womb and even access the memory of their own birth process.

Today the process, Breathwork, is a simple breathing techniquethat is supported by the facilitator who guides the client through the conscious connected breathing pattern. The breathing part of the session, which lasts from 45-60 minutes, is conducted with the client lying comfortably on a mattress or sofa as the Breathworker guides and supports. Much of the session is non-verbal and is accompanied with soothing evocative music.

Breathwork can also be conducted in warm water, which is focused on surfacing memories from in-utero and birth experiences. As previously mentioned, there isHolotropic breathing,which is conducted using music along with a slighter faster breathing pattern. There are also other similar breathing modalities such as Pranayama and Kriya Yoga from India, along with Qi Gong and Tai Chi from the East philosophies. However Breathwork has more of a psychotherapeutic element to it.

Rebirthing began in the early 70’s with Leonard Orr and a small group of friends. This group discovered the immense impact that their birth had on their everyday experiences. Because of this, the process became known as Rebirthing. Rebirthing has since undergone many changes and it is now known as ‘Breathwork’ because the focus is on the breath.
There were also other Breathwork pioneers such as Dr StanislavGrof- who developed another form of Breathwork called Holotropic breathing which is a much faster connected breathing pattern. All these techniques are similar in that they allow one to go deep into releasing any suppressed memories and traumas in the body.

Today there is an International Breathwork Foundation where Breathworkers meet yearly to share, and learn. Breathwork is taughtworldwide including Australia, UK and USA where there are recognised schools in Breathwork. In some countries, there are government-assisted programs that supporteducation in this amazing Breathing technique.

Generally in a group session participants will not go as deep as in a private session. Being in a group has advantages and can also be a distraction. In a private session there is much greater opportunity to discuss and explore your own individual circumstances with the full attention of your Breathworker. At the end of a private session there is time to debrief your experience and look at tools to further help you in your journey of change and self exploration.

No. Breathwork is a breathing technique. It is not a religion. You will bring to it your own spiritual beliefs. And, if you have no spiritual beliefs, none will be forced upon you. You will be working with energy – it doesn’t matter what you call it. Breathworkersrespect most systems of thought and belief.

It is usually recommended that you undertake a series of 10 sessions over a period of time, taking time between each session to assimilate realisations and integrate change. To commit to a series of sessions is to commit to creating change in your life.

Breathwork is not hyperventilation. It uses the conscious connected breathing technique. Your Breathworker is there to guide you and keep you safe.

Breathwork is a powerful tool. It brings about change by releasing physical and emotional tensions. It can bring to your awareness unconscious beliefs and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you and can allow you to clear them.

Every session is different. It is important that you let go of the need to control the session and trust that your needs will be met. Provided you are committed to breathing and staying conscious you will experience benefit.

Breathwork is a simple breathing technique facilitated by an accredited Breathworker who ensures that you are safe. It is not recommended that you attempt the technique on your own until you have undertaken at least 10 sessions with a qualified Breathworker.

It seems that if you have been drawn to investigate this technique then it will be of benefit to you. Anyone who is prepared to take personal responsibility for their lives can use the technique and gain benefit from it.

Breathwork is based on the concept ‘Thought is Creative’. In simple terms this means that your life is a reflection of what you think and believe. If you want different results, then you must change your thinking. Identifying the beliefs and patterns, which run in your life can help you make those changes.

It is recommended that you take the time to find aBreathworker who suits you and with whom you feel comfortable.

Every session is different because you are unique and each session will be influenced by your state of mind at the time as well as your health, emotions and physical fitness. Some of the things you may experience are changes of temperature (feeling hot or cold); emotional release of sadness, anger or fear etc.; tightness, tingling, cramping, perspiration; recollection of memories from past events, recent times, early childhood, birth and conception, as well as possible memories of past lifetimes. At the end of the session you will usually experience a feeling of deep relaxation and bliss.

During and often following the session you may have realisations, which lead to understanding and transformation of patterns and situations in your life.

Your Breathworker will guide you in the process. It is very simple. It is usually done lying down as your Breathworkersits beside you and guides you into a relaxed breathing rhythm. He/she is also available throughout the session to support you physically, emotionally and energetically. Besides the initial two-hour (estimate) consultation, the breathing itself may take from 45 to 60 minutes (sometimes longer).

There is no difference, however when the technique was first discovered, many people had experiences related to their birth, hence the name Rebirthing. (it was also facilitated in a jacuzzi or hot tub to recreate in utero memories.) It was soon realised that the technique also released trauma associated with other life experiences, hence the introduction of the term -Breathwork. It is felt by many that Breathwork is a more accurate description of the process.

Breathwork is a breath technique that supports your healing. It uses a protocol called conscious connected breathing that, over a prolonged period, usually for an hour, energises your body and produces a state of altered consciousness. During this time memories and emotions may surface along with physical tensions and body sensations.

When these feelings are allowed and experienced, it can lead to conscious realisations about one’s life patterns and the awareness that one has the potential and capability to make changes. The results can include healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. By the end of the session a deep sense of relaxation may be reached which can bring with it a lasting sense of well-being.

Breathwork is a great tool for inspiration, relaxation and releasing STRESS from the mind and body!

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