Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

The BOFA monthly breathwork sessions/events are a community service meant to assist people who cannot afford private breathwork sessions but who need support.  The registration process for these takes time to complete and there is a minimal fee charged to cover the cost of running each session/event.

We fully recognize that emergencies come up and cancellations may sometimes be unavoidable at the last minute. However, if you must cancel at the last minute for any reason, it affects us as we are then left to try to fill your spot from our waitlist which takes time and complicates our preparations for the Breathwork session/event.

NOTE: The waitlist carries over to subsequent months. Thus, participants still on the waitlist from the current month are prioritized for any spots that come open for the following month’s Breathwork event.    

We have instituted the following cancellation policy to ensure the Breathwork group sessions/events have sufficient participation to cover the associated operating costs and all participants are treated fairly: 

Our Cancellation Policy:

1] If you cancel your registration for a BOFA Breathwork sessions/event LESS THAN 4 DAYS before the date of the session/ event, or is you are a ‘no show’, your money will not be refunded.

2] If you cancel your registration for a Breathwork sessions/event LESS THAN 4 DAYS before that session/event, you cannot transfer your registration to a friend to take your place because your cancelled spot is given to those participants who are already on our waitlist.

3] If you cancel your registration for a Breathwork sessions/event LESS THAN 4 DAYS before that session/event, you can, at your request, be added to the waitlist for the following month’s session/event. You cannot expect to automatically be included in the next month’s session/event because all filling of open spots come from the waitlist.  

4] If you cancel your registration MORE THAN 4 DAYS before the date of the Breathwork event, you are entitled to a full refund OR you can transfer your registered spot to a friend who must be willing to take over your booking and pay the fee. It must, however, be understood that the ultimate responsibility for payment of that Breathwork session/event is in the hands of the person who made the original booking.

5] Please understand that the cost to run these sessions/events is covered by the participant fees. If we do not have sufficient participation, John Stamoulos reserves the right to cancel due to not being able to cover costs. 

In the case of such cancellation of the Breathwork session/event, money will be refunded to participants who paid.

Any other requests for refunds will be considered on a case-to-case basis and are subject to the final approval from John Stamoulos. (You can contact John – via email john@johnstamoulos.com  or let John know directly at +61 412 168 411.)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we do our best to provide a safe and profound Breathwork experience for every participant!

If you have any questions, please email at john@johnstamoulos.com

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