Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

In these unprecedented times of the new normal in the Covid-19 world, we want to keep you safe and we want you to join us. However, it takes us extra time to attend to upfront preparations and administrative requirements for each registered participant. When you cancel, we will fill your vacated place from our waitlist. It takes us the same extra time to register anyone else thus we must extend the cancellation window to give us the time we need to do the work to register the person who would fill your spot.

Therefore, due to this extra time needed, we have amended our Cancellation Policy as follows:

1] Cancellation of a session(s) / event in LESS THAN 4 DAYS from the date of the event is not permitted and the monies paid for that/those session(s) /events will not be refunded within that four days prior to the Breathwork session(s)/event.

2] Additionally, because we have a waitlist of participants who are prioritized for the session(s)/events, the registration cannot be transferred to a friend to take your place inside the 4-day window.

3] Cancellation more than 4 days from the date of the event will result in a full refund or the participant can transfer his/her paid session to their friend(s) who are willing to take over their booking, including the session fee. It must, however, be understood that the responsibility of the payment for that session is in the hand of the person who has made the original booking.

We fully recognize that emergencies come up that require unavoidable cancellation. All other requests will be considered on a case-to-case basis and are subject to the final approval from John Stamoulos. You can contact John – via email john@johnstamoulos.com  or let John know directly at +61 412 168 411.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we do our best to provide a safe and profound Breathwork experience for every participant!

If you have any questions please drop us an email john@johnstamoulos.com

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