Can You Recapture Wonder?

Can You Recapture Wonder?


Dragonfly closeup Wonder is the beginning of wisdom ~ Socrates


Have you lost the ability to notice the extraordinary in simple things and to see the magic that life has to offer? How do you re-capture wonder in your life?

Wonder often reveals itself in an ordinary moment. It can surprise and it can take your breath away. If you take the time to look, wonder is everywhere and it opens a doorway to sacred awe and the miracles that occur every day.


Its presence is as close as your own body and your breath!

Think about your breath. It sustains life as it travels to and from the billions of cells that make up your body and keep it functioning. Your physical body itself is a marvel of complex systems and collaborative interactions that continually invite science and spiritual detectives to its mystery.


Wonder inspires new thinking about the magic in what is!
  • the ‘whoa’ moment as a sudden shaft of sunlight breaks through storm clouds in stunning beauty
  • the astonishing magic when a dragonfly lands on your hand and you see its prehistoric mystery
  • the joyful sounds of children at play who are completely focused on the moment in their imagined world of adventure.
  • the quiet encounters with the sacred as you touch a tree or walk through a forest in reverent silence.
  • the grace and artistry of a piece of music that overwhelms and transports you into an alternate reality.

Aurora Borealis glowing green in night sky full of stars, pink colour bursting up


How can you renew your relationship with Wonder?

Wonder brings with it a signature sense of fascination, a feeling of being moved by a sight, sound, or ‘aha’ moment of awareness. Some conscious effort can make it more present in your life:

Try this -> Recall a ‘wonder moment’ that occurred in your life. Let it come fully alive in your memory. Take time to write about it or draw it out and refer to it each morning. Use it to remind yourself to discover wonder somewhere in every day.

Other ways to bring wonder into your life:

  • Spend time in nature. Walk in a forest, watch a sunset, and enjoy the beauty of flowers. Bend down, touch the earth with your hands…feel the texture, smell its scent.
  • Engage in play and conversation with children – their imagination and openness to magic is contagious

 The power of imagination makes us infinite ~ John Muir

  • Read about and engage the fantastic discoveries of science, spirituality and the arts. Subscribe to online feeds that will keep you up to date and expand your knowledge
  • Take time to look at the familiar things in your life in a new, more detailed way. What can you notice as you walk a neighborhood street? Engage with your children? Speak to co-workers?
  • Make space for wonder by letting meditation and Breathwork open the doorway to relaxation, inner peace and the present moment.
  • Commit to traveling to new and interesting places. Stepping out of well-known territory heightens your ability to find the amazing in the world.
  • Consider the vastness of the cosmos through pictures, videos and direct observation of the night sky. Think about your place in that infinite structure. Shrink your vision to a drop of water viewed under a microscope. Embrace the nature of everything that surrounds you.

New Mexico




The reward for opening your eyes to wonder? … a radical aliveness and curiosity about life, greater awareness of God in the WWU (worldwide universe) and an understanding of your participation in the nature of all reality.







Wonder, to me, is that spiritual stance or disposition which renders us humble in the face of things, and also thankful. In my mind, to try to live that way is what it means to follow a sacred path

~ Sam Keen




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