Building Trust in Your Relationships

Building Trust in Your Relationships

Trust is earned when actions meet words ~ unknown

Trust is a fundamental component of any intimate or close relationship and is a necessary aspect of more ‘arm’s length’ connections as well. As is often said, trust takes time to build and is not only constructed from words and promises but is solidified when the words are backed up by actions.  Trust is also a fragile commodity that can be irreparably shattered and requires the respect and regard of those who seek to enjoy fulfilling and close relationships with others.

Establishing trust in any relationship requires adherence to some common principles.

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Take a look at the following list, consider where your current relationships stand in relation to these actions and see how you might build a more solit foundation with people who matter to you:

1. Effective Communication

 The perfect way to start building trust in a relationship is effective communication. Communicating regularly how you feel, what you think about the other person and honestly sharing your views and perspectives is important in establishing and building trust. 

2. Keep your Promises

 Once made, you should keep your promises and if not possible, let the other person know a valid reason for not doing so. Keep the communication open and promise only things that you can fulfill. 

3. Be Respectful of the time it takes to build trust

 Building trust takes time. Remind yourself of that and give yourself and the other person the space you both need to establish meaningful connections with each other and time to work out the differences you discover along the way.

4. Be Consistent and Be Present

 Consistency is the key to a successful relationship. The other person needs you to be there in their highs and lows. Be with them whenever they need you. This will help build your trust as well. 

5. Be Honest

 Always try to stay honest. Being dishonest is the first thing that can destroy trust in a relationship. In partnered relationships, infidelity can permanently shatter trust. Instead, consider open dialogue about issues that might drive wedges between you and your partner. 

6. Be Considerate and ‘Other’ Focused

 Selfishness destroys trust. Always learn to appreciate others and consider how your decisions and choices might affect your relationships.  

7. Admit your mistakes

 If you are wrong, you should have the guts to admit your mistakes, be sorry for those and promise not to repeat those. This increases your trust in any relationship. 

8. Respect

 Respect yourself and your partner. Everyone deserves respect especially when two people are together in a relationship. 

Transparency is a vital building block in any relationship to build trust. Try to do things together with your partner and carve out the space for spending quality time together and develop skills of effective listening along with effective communication. Your behavior on the outside should match the voice and heart of your internal truth when it comes to building trust and creating a lasting connection with the significant others in your life.  

Trust is key to relationships that will remain strong and healthy.

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