Building Our Love Quotient by Remembering Childhood Joys

Building Our Love Quotient by Remembering Childhood Joys

What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever ~ unknown

Your favourite stuffed animal, building forts in the forest or castles on the beach, watching your favourite cartoons and enjoying storybooks, gardening and growing your first plant, special times with the family pet or other animals, playing together with siblings and friends, family trips and outings, favourite foods, the feeling of freedom the first time you rode your two-wheel bicycle solo -> these  are just some joyful childhood experiences that can be part of what sustains and inspires us in our adulthood.

Positive childhood memories in addition to those that hold negativity for us are memorable and worthy of a revisit from time to time.  More than the less-than-savoury recollections however, our joyful memories are the seeds of our ability to play and see life through the lens of possibility. They are what shape our sense of wellbeing as adults, carve our personalities and imprint powerful lessons and learning. Happy childhood events can have deep impact on our psychosocial well-being and play a crucial in forming our perceptions.

Our childhood joys are important to embrace because they:

  • – tend to generate less depression and fewer chronic illnesses in adulthood –
  • – can result in reduced stress in adulthood
  • – generate gratitude
  • – provide a more positive and hopeful outlook in later life
  • – can be the seeds for  healthier relationships because they build a foundation of love and trust in life

It is significant to note that psychological studies have shown that the influence of memories from childhood do not fade with time. Memories are as vivid even 50 years later!

Making memories is one of the pillars of the Holiday Season – perhaps it is worthwhile to visit some positive recollections in your own past or focus on building healthy joy in children who are in your life now.

With love and wishes for joyful childhood memories this Holiday!

Breathe well,


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