Bringing Productivity to Each Day with Intentionality

Bringing Productivity to Each Day with Intentionality

Happiness inspires productivity ~ Shawn Achor


Whether you know it or not, you have a morning ritual that sets up your day.  Think about your habits when you open your eyes each morning as you from the sleep state to waking. What is the first thing you do upon waking? Do you reach for your phone? Bemoan that another day is about to start? Do you meditate? Lay there for a while? Fall back to sleep?

According to many experts, how you shape your initial morning routine has a profound effect on your day and it can power up your productivity.


Take a moment to write down the first three things that you do now and compare them to the information below:

No matter what you now realize as your first waking moments of each day, here are a few suggestions to get you started with opening to the day with greater consciousness and focus:


Avoid the strong inclination to plug in to immediately to the world by reaching for your phone to check messages, emails, news etc. Leave the distractions of your outside environment outside for a while


Take a breath or two then touch base with your inner messages, emails and news –Search for things that you are grateful for – the beauty of the sunrise, the comfort and warmth of your bed, the others in your life…


Take a few more deep breaths sending love into your own heart and blessing yourself with love. Then generate some love and send it ahead into your day… to your commute route, to your co-workers, to your family. Let a sense of tender love fill your soul and pour out to others as you infuse your future day with grace.


Make a list of your trajectories for the day. A 24-hour To Do list will help keep you focused on the tasks at hand and help you shed distractions. Knowing what is important makes it easier to make choices that are in your best interests.


When you begin your day in this manner, you help keep your life less stressful, you can decrease anxiety and depression and you give your inner being nourishment of the positive kind before your feet even hit the floor. 


Be well, breathe into a day of intention and wellbeing





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