Breathwork and Emotional Healing – The What, Why and How of It

Breathwork and Emotional Healing – The What, Why and How of It



Hands and Sky Emotional healing and release is a core purpose of Breathwork. ~ John Stamoulos


The signs that emotional healing needs to happen are everywhere in your life if you pay attention:

Whenever you get upset, do you reach for chocolate or carbs to soothe your distress? In a conflict, do you go silent or exit rather than express your feelings? As memories of past trauma float into your consciousness, do you distract yourself with alcohol, drugs or shopping? Do you seem to be stuck in a loop with your loved one – same arguments, same feelings of distance, same loneliness?

Shameful or traumatic experiences in life generate reactive fear, grief, anger, sadness in your life. These emotional wounds can unconsciously cause havoc in your life especially if they are out of control or are suppressed. They can hold you back and keep you from living the life you were meant to live.


Why Healing Emotions matters:

Unhealed emotions can trigger feelings of being rejected, being disapproved of or being blamed by others. These false beliefs can diminish self-confidence, generate a sense of incompetence, and create a belief of not being supported. These negative self-views can sabotage happiness, success, and well-being in life. (For example, unresolved grief can create numbing out to all other feelings including our ability to open to loving relationships).

Emotions need to be acknowledged and released from both the mind and body. If they are not explored and healed, they can become suppressed and unconsciously influence our decisions and negatively impact the choices we make. We can be held back from taking risks, embracing change even as we struggle to grow and evolve.


6 Steps to Emotional Healing – How It Works:

Emotional healing progresses through the following steps.

Try this -> See if you can choose an issue you are struggling with in your life and follow through the steps for yourself:

What’s not working – you realize that attempts to fix a problem aren’t working and no change has occurred

Gaining perspective – you begin to reflect on the feelings, where in your life they have happened and work towards finding the source of the emotions such as traumatic events early in life

Identify emotions – naming the real, deeper emotions and giving permission to express them is a powerful step in healing. (under anger is deep grief)

Release emotions – allowing the physical release of emotions includes crying, vocalizing, sitting through sensations of nausea, tightness or tension until relaxation occurs.

Taking Responsibility – being completely honest with yourself and accepting that you have the empowerment to make different choices in your life

Integration – opening up to a greater understanding and context of the experience – why it happened and the growth opportunities it might have provided – can reframe and discharge the emotional reactivity of the event.


Breathwork and Healing Emotions

Emotions are a significant and pivotal part of the experience within a Breathwork session.   It begins with a client’s interview that is designed to open up awareness of emotions that might be causing blocks. Within the session, the conscious-connected breathing pattern acts as a perturbation that accesses suppressed emotions at the cellular level and provides a means for release of old memories, and traumas that are associated with pent-up grief, fear, resentments and anger. The final segment of a Breath session integrates the experience and can open the door for a new perspective of life without the blocked emotions that were causing problems.

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Emotional healing is all about gaining awareness of, accessing and releasing stuck emotions in a healthy way. The process can be liberating and can provide the ability to live a more open, passionate, meaningful and purpose-driven life.





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