Breathe Into Grace

Breathe Into Grace

 Grace is the permanent climate of divine kindness ~ John O’Donohue


Grace is a simple, beautiful, receptive state of being that is present in every ordinary moment of life. It can come to you as you drive to work, fall asleep at night, take a walk, or are inspired by the beauty of a flower or the expanse of a night sky. It can arrive in the quiet stillness of meditation or in a love-filled moment spent with another. The potential for grace also exists in grief, suffering, fear, anger, conflict or loss because its power can break open inner resistance and negativity to offer profound growth and transformation in your life.


What Stands In The Way of Grace?

Grace can only flow when you allow it. Life’s experiences can unconsciously build walls and barriers that prevent grace being present in your life. This happens by:


  • Believing that there is something wrong with you.
  • Letting what happens to you become the false story you tell yourself about what is true, who you are and what is possible.
  • Needing to micro-manage and control situations in order to feel safe and in charge.
  • Resisting change because it feels uncomfortable.
  • Losing trust in yourself and looking externally for answers.
  • Not being present and instead, living in the past or worrying about the future.



Grace is all around us, if we only have the eyes to see it.

The good moments are grace, the difficult moments are grace, the confusing moments are grace. ~ Adyashanti


 Making Room for Grace

While grace is not a quality you can force to be in your life, there are ways to prepare for its presence to simply land and wholly transform it:

  • Pause and become aware of the sacred opportunities every day that teach you to listen to yourself at the depth of your soul.
  • Become radically awake to all your experiences.
  • Take time for self-exploration. Connect with the yearning of your heart and learn to access that core peace and love even in the face of challenges and difficult emotions such as fear and grief.
  • Cultivate awareness. Take time to breathe into a challenging circumstance. Step back and become the witness to the story your mind is telling you about it.
  • Let go of the need to fix anything or shape outcomes to your specifications. Relax, trust, accept ‘what is’ and “fall into the center of now” (Adyashanti) where true grace emerges.
  • Trust completely in the natural intelligence of your heart and use its guidance to make choices and decisions.
  • Open your heart by being generous toward others.
  • Welcome joy, peace and an expanded spirit through daily meditation practices.
  • Accept the many blessings of grace that visit your daily life.


Invite Grace Through Your Breath

 Any breath awareness but particularly Breathwork can free you from the self-imposed bondage of stress, shame, tensions, or guilt that prevents the flow of grace in your life. Breathwork offers the sacred opportunity to ultimately remember the infinite connection you have to the universe and to divinity.

Breathwork is an inner journey to a state of grace. The breath is the thread that joins our physical, mental and emotional being to a sense of unity and harmony with everything. Breathwork offers the opportunity to experience a complete blending with the Divine and a more vast awareness of who you truly are.


Waking up to grace is not that difficult. It asks you to do nothing but have an open heart and mind that accepts there are answers beyond what you can fathom. It suggests that you stop the incessant flow of thoughts and scattered reactivity that are part of your story and it frees you from the need to control and fix. In those non-actions, you create a fertile space for grace to reveal its essence to you.

In the profound moments of grace when grace flows to you, your constricted beliefs become an awe-filled field of limitlessness and sacred possibility.

openarmsMay you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder ~ John O’Donohue


Recommended reading: Falling Into Grace by Adyashanti

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