Break Away From Technology – Can You Do It?

Break Away From Technology – Can You Do It?

Technology is designed to make our lives easier and to some extent, it certainly has in some areas. However, while there are many positives for the presence of cell phones, online access to shopping, information and banking, navigation capability no matter where you are, just like everything else, the world of technology has its cons as well. As the old saying goes,“All things are good in moderation.” The world today is so high tech that we find it hard to shut off our devices and gadgets even for a few minutes because everything we do is intimately linked to that device we carry in our pocket. Despite the access to the world at our fingertips, technology can harm our health and other aspects of life.

Benefits of taking a break from technology:

  • Building closer relationships with friends and family: Putting your devices away when spending time with someone helps you connect and bond with that person more completely. Several studies have shown that even the presence of a phone or a device despite being turned off creates feelings of being less listened to or connected.
  • Increase in levels of productivity and focus: Although many people think they can multitask with no changes in their level of attention or focus, the reality is that it is a myth. Constant texts, notifications, and emails disrupt the ability of the mind to focus and create shorter spans of attention.
  • Increase in mindfulness: Taking a break from technology allows you to be present in the moment. It is rather easy today to be distracted by trying to capture the right shot? Taking a break allows you to savour and cherish the moment.
  • Decreased stress: Everyone today finds it hard to keep up with work or life in general. It is easy to feel like work never gets done when the inbox is overflowing. Establishing boundaries by checking email at designated times and ensuring you spend some time every day for yourself without the intervention of your device can help you feel relaxed and decrease stress.
  • Better physical and mental health: Being cooped up in a room with a screen or gadget means reduced physical activity. This affects the body and mind. Taking some fresh air breaks helps in keeping both the physical and mental health intact.

Can You Meet the Challenge?

It is often said that things are easier said than done. It might seem next to impossible to let go of your device addiction in one go. Here are a few tips to help you unplug from technology:

  • Refrain from giving in to the urge to constantly checking your phone. Make up your mind and resist this urge.
  • Put away all your devices and be more present when you are with your friends and family. Keeping your phone in a bag or drawer certainly helps in reducing the temptation.
  • Turn on “Do Not Disturb,” when you are taking a break to keep you away from popups and notifications that often tempt you to look at your phone or device
  • Ensure that you power down or turn off technology at least once a day. This helps you calm your mind and body.
  • Take a “digital detox day “now and then to keep your mind away from the device. Spend the day indulging in physical or outdoor activities to reduce temptation.

When you take a break from technology, be sure to schedule in some ‘Breathe’ time. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit quietly (even if it’s just for five minutes) and focus on the rhythm and flow of your breath. Let it connect to the deep inner peace that resides at your core.

With some mindfulness and focus, you can become the master of your technology rather than the other way around!

Take a break – take a breath – You Can Do It !!

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