Are there different types of Breathwork?

Are there different types of Breathwork?

Breathwork began as a technique called Rebirthing as the process itself was facilitated in a Jacuzzi/ hot tub in order for the client to be able to connect to deep primal thoughts of being in the womb and even access the memory of their own birth process.

Today the process, Breathwork, is a simple breathing techniquethat is supported by the facilitator who guides the client through the conscious connected breathing pattern. The breathing part of the session, which lasts from 45-60 minutes, is conducted with the client lying comfortably on a mattress or sofa as the Breathworker guides and supports. Much of the session is non-verbal and is accompanied with soothing evocative music.

Breathwork can also be conducted in warm water, which is focused on surfacing memories from in-utero and birth experiences. As previously mentioned, there isHolotropic breathing,which is conducted using music along with a slighter faster breathing pattern. There are also other similar breathing modalities such as Pranayama and Kriya Yoga from India, along with Qi Gong and Tai Chi from the East philosophies. However Breathwork has more of a psychotherapeutic element to it.

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