A Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) initially began about 15 years ago for me when I wanted to create a group of like minded Breathworkers to get together monthly and facilitate public group breath sessions.

Why? Many reasons – firstly, I really embrace the concept of a “Spiritual Community” and I wanted to share this incredible breathing process with my conscious community.

The breath is LIFE and the way a person breathes reflects and represents the way they live their life!

Do you think of the next breath that you will take? I would say most people do not. Most people take this most precious gift for granted. As long as you breathe, you LIVE!

So, eventually after many years of facilitating group breathwork sessions all over the world, I managed to get the support of 6 other professional breathworkers who have committed whole heartedly to supporting this community service.

Eventually we took on board an assistant to organise our BOFA sessions and we now have been facilitating monthly group sessions since late 2004.

We, as a group meet regularly and share breathwork ideas, research and studies. We support each other and constantly have visioning meetings which directs BOFA into the future.

We welcome other Breathworkers to join us and support BOFA.

So, we really hope to see you at our next BOFA group session!
In love, truth and simplicity

John Stamoulos and BOFA group

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